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李卉 (Hui Li)

笔・画 Brush・drawing, Hui Li

李卉是一位绘制儿童图画书作家和插画师,热衷于用亚洲的声音讲述故事。她曾在芝加哥大学学习,用画笔解决问题和探索意义是她的日常习惯。卉曾多次和美国和中国的众多出版商和杂志合作,展示了她独特的插画风格。她的作品以其创造力和真实性而广受认可,尤其是在捕捉第一代移民经历方面。她致力于分享在美国的亚裔和其他未代表群体的故事和观点,利用她的图画书突出他们独特的经历和挑战。卉的下一本作者和插画师绘本《卷轴》将于2023年9月由在童书界享有盛誉的Little, Brown出版社出版。

Hui Li is an author-illustrator of children's picture books who has a passion for telling stories with an Asian voice. She studied at the University of Chicago, solving and creating meanings with pencils and brushes is her daily ritual. Hui has worked with a variety of publishers and magazines in both the United States and China, showcasing her versatile and unique artistic style. Her work has been recognized for its creativity and authenticity, particularly in the way it captures the experiences of first-generation immigrants. She is deeply committed to sharing the stories and perspectives of Asian Americans and other underrepresented groups, using her picture books to highlight their unique experiences and challenges. Hui's next author-illustrator picture book, "Scroll," is set to be published by Little, Brown and Company in September, 2023.

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